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US & Canada Fan Club

CantoPop for Charity!

Until October 31, 2021

Countdown to 10m Views!

​Watch Edan's latest MV for a good cause!

To help celebrate Cantopop and Hong Kong culture, USA Fan Club members are uniting to fundraise with the help of Edan's music!

​If the 《E先生連環不幸事件》music video hits more than 10 million YouTube views by October 31, our Fan Club will pledge to donate US$15,000 (approximately HK$120,000) and our t-shirt sale proceeds to Silver Lining Missions, a registered charity in the United States and Hong Kong to support orphan and children humanitarian works in China, Myanmar, and Vietnam!

Silver Lining Teaching.png

Thank You For Coming Out!


We did it!

Locals and tourists love the screening, and everyone was filming and celebrating the CantoPop event! Fans from our US & Canada club travelled far to join us in singing at Hollywood on Sept 25!

What an amazing ending with a live stream from Edan Lui! Fans were treated to personal intro and live video from our beloved singer, when he thanked all our members for our hard work!

Let's continue our charity and get Edan's music to 10 million Youtube views for a cause!

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